This one pilgrimage is equal to a thousand regular pilgrimages. That’s what they say about the Kumbh Mela.

Jasper Johal

India is such a beautiful country that even God wants to take birth and come to India.

Swami Krishnanand

The West is missing the inner journey. They know so much about science and inventions, but they are missing discovery -- Self.

Pilot Baba

For over 20 years I have held up my arm. God has given me a degree in willpower!

Bharti Urdvahu
All traditions – Hindu, Moslem, Christian, Jewish – have a common responsibility to serve humanity, improve the world situation and protect the environment.

The Dalai Lama

In America nobody has the time to sit in one posture for three hours. Everything will be missed!

Ramanand Puri

There was no time when I was born. There can be no time when I can die. So I will live forever!

Kali Baaba

If you want to achieve supreme consciousness and you are not prepared to give up anything, how can you achieve it?

Purna Praghnamataji

In my opinion only 20% of the holy men in India are real and 80% are fake!

Silu Acharya

I am blessing you! I live in your heart and everywhere!

Deveraha Hans Baba