Saw the movie in Ann Arbor and loved it. You really provided great insight into the event while making the film informative, interesting and fun. Well done! One of the most enjoyable movie-going experiences in years. Peace. - BH, Ann Arbor

Please allow me to reiterate that your film left me completely breathless and awestruck, and I have continued to think about this movie for an entire year, recommending it to friends whenever the occasion arises. I was so totally immersed in the spectacle of the Kumbh Mela and the phenomenal number of pilgrims that I remember wishing that the film was three hours in length. Thank you once again for producing a cinematic work of art of immense beauty. I look forward to the special features on the DVD as well as the forthcoming release of the marvelous soundtrack. What we need next is a restored "Director's Cut" version!!!! By the way, your enthusiasm for and belief in this project really shone through at the Q. and A. in the advance Minneapolis screenings, and I could not be more pleased with your well-deserved success. - TM, Minneapolis

It was absolutely phenomenal! Did I ever receive the Blessing!!! I was so moved, touched, it went right to the heart, the soul. The tears of truth welled up as I watched the film, with a few of the Babas, it was felt throughout my being. I left the theatre as if I sat with the Gurus, Babas directly and received their darshan. How wonderful you wrote to confirm my experience with the film. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I live in Monterey, California. I viewed the movie at the Osio. The film was definitely felt! Beautiful !!!!! - SM, Monterey

I saw the film three days ago in Easton, PA (USA). It was an amazing experience in positivity. To be showered with so many philosophies about living, and really loving life and all peoples has soaked deeply into my heart from watching this film. In contrast to the more rigid Western religions, the diversity of followings within Hinduism as captured in the movie, showed me that things don't have to be the way they are. There is variety of approach everywhere, but what matters is the motive within. To me it was clear that that the different Gurus and Babas shared the common motive of love! This is a breakthrough for me! I will carry this thought in my satchel of tools which I use to face the world everyday. Thank you for putting together such an arousing, informational, and FUN film. The imagery has opened my eyes and the message has given me strength! I am humbled and empowered! - SS, Easton

I just wanted to tell you that my experience watching 'Short Cut to Nirvana' had a huge influence on my life. It was very powerful to see in such a visceral way so many people where meditation and their spiritual practice was such a huge part of their life and consciousness, if not their entire life. It really inspired to return to a meditation practice that I had fallen away from. I now have become deeply involved in my meditation on a daily basis which has helped my immensly and allowed me to get off the constanly changing array of anti-depressants I was looking for an answer in, with my doctor's okay, and start living my life more fully, peacefully, and fufillingly. Thank you for your beautiful and important film and know that what you are doing is really changing people's lives. At least my life. Thanks again and I can't wait for your next film. - AM

R & I took the whole family (2 teenage boys and a younger sister), and we talked about it all the way home. Quite change from the usual silent boredom or nit-picking fights from the back seat. This movie will challenge your perceptions. See this now while you have a chance. - LJ, Seattle

I actually want to tell you that your introduction about the Yogi's blessing upon those who see the movie is true. There has been a tremendous shift or crack (a much needed one) in my life since viewing the film, and I KNOW those blessed creatures are a part of it. Blessings to you! Susan, Santa Barbara

Wanted to let you know that after seeing your film, my meditation the following morning was very deep and silent and I had an awareness of lots of soma (supposed to be "nectar of immortality," my teacher believes it will be identified as a hormone at some point). Anyhow I felt the energetic impact of your gurus' blessings. - SM, Minneapolis

Thank you so much for sharing this message with the world. Deep down I feel that we can all connect on the message of peace and love for one another. This movie re-motivated my effort in finding my own peace within, thank you for all that you do, the difference you will make is immeasurable. - MO, San Diego

I attended your Sunday afternoon showing at Kendall and was totally fascinated and enthralled. Loved the way you filmed it as it is and it came across so in the moment and not contrived. Thank you for a great conversation after the event, that helped to bring the movie further alive. You were quite inspiring. Thank you. - VT, Boston

It felt like I was there, with all the crowds, intensity and creativity of all those people. You really found a way to bring your experience to others, that is a blessing. It is important that people see this film, keep at it. Thanks thanks thanks! - JA, New York

I've been telling everyone about the film. I went to see it again tonight and took my kids (19 & 22). I just feel so at home watching it. It's as if I were once again amongst my family after having spent a long time away. Thank you for that. - DH, Portland, OR

It was a wonderful experience for me. I loved everything about it. My curiousity about a different culture was extremely satisfied. I only wish some of the shots lasted a little longer, because I found the faces compelling, and i was a little frustrated not to see them just a little longer. I guess you can say I would have been happy sitting there for hours just watching more -- not realistic for a film. I wish you great success in getting the film out there to be seen by many many people. Thank you. - JZ, New York

My favorite documentary ever...could see it a million times..really! Namaste! AS, New York

I saw your movie in Portland, Oregon and loved it. I am glad you were able to extend its run. I was very impressed with your grasp of Hindu spirituality and your understanding of the joy and simplicity of the people you filmed. I also admire your tolerance of spiritual practices that might appear bizarre to most people. I am a Hindu from India, and I am very interested in the concept of unity consciousness. This was actually something I learned only after coming to America and reading books by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. People in India are often ignorant about the spiritual basis of the Hindu religion and are more into rituals and ceremonies. Your movie captured the spirituality very well. - LJ, Portland, OR


Shortcut to Nirvana is one of the finest documentaries I have ever seen on India and her ageless cultural, spiritual, social and religious ethos. It vividly documents the greatest show on earth with subtlest details objectively, that could be watched by people irrespective of geographical or gender barriers. The film has a great educational and spiritual value and could be used as a powerful audio/visual aid by teachers and academicians while offering courses on India and Hinduism, either in the USA or in those countries where Hinduism is taught in schools,colleges or universities.

Professor Melukote K. Sridhar
Fulbright Scholar USC
2000 Visiting Professor of Hinduism
Hindu University of America

This documentary acts as a major bridge between the contemporary exploration of the inner life in the West and an ancient, at times utterly eccentric, spiritual tradition of India. When you watch this film your heart will respond to loving words of gurus and wince at some of the bizarre spiritual practices that ascetics engage in. An unmissable documentary!

Christopher Titmuss
Dharma Teacher and Author, UK

A fascinating and engaging journey to an event that I never knew existed but somehow nevertheless always desired to attend. The message of Kumbh Mela is that bliss can be found along many paths and in the open-hearted acceptance of those who pursue paths different from one's own.

Brian Keeley
Professor of Philosophy
Claremont College, CA


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